When we are free


When we are free, we wake easy. With rosy cheeks and tired eyes, we find comfort in the simplicity of our very nature. We exude happiness with our ever-billowing breaths. We leave our commonplace and guise to replace it with existence.

When we are free, we laugh, we kiss, we cry, we guide our spirits to love and encouragement.

When we are free we howl at the swooping bats above our heads and face our trepidations with our backbones strong and unyielding.

When we are free, we have no truism. We face no rules or barriers to cease our might and main.

Our nights and days last forever. Our deepest souls are free to gargle and spit to cleanse our young bones and in these moments of absolute gratitude, we feel unblemished.

When we live free,

We feel beautiful

We feel strong

We feel loved

We feel deliriously happy

We feel grateful.


Until next time, Live Free.


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