Up Top and All Lit Up


IMG_1198 The other day, Bryson and I were at our local climbing gym and started talking to an awesome climber called Kia. Bryson and I have been climbing inside for a year or so and it is insane how quickly Bryson is excelling at it, but unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to climb outside on the gorgeous routes we have right in our backyard!

Lucky for us, Kia has been climbing for many years and invited us to join him for a little top-rope climbing trip to Lighthouse Park. Of course we jumped at his invitation.

The view was spectacular! We were drenched in full sunlight as the green waves crashed against the warm boulders beneath our feet. After Kia showed us how to safely set up our own ropes outside, our lovely friend Sarah took to the first face. IMG_1203Bryson then belayed me,IMG_1206then it was his turn to chalk up,IMG_1217and Kia waited until we all had a go before taking his turn on the warm grey route.IMG_1224I was told it is important to document your first outdoor climbing injury…. Well here it is, in its tiny glory, my dented knuckle… Woohoo!IMG_1231 After all having a go, we climbed back up to the top of the rock face and made our way to the second route. IMG_1232Sarah gathered the rope for us,IMG_1238and Kia dangled over the edge to find the two bolts for the set up.IMG_1235While watching Kia lean over the edge, we were joined by this curious man wearing a fishing cap who took a seat next to us and started joining us in conversation. He had many questions like “You’ll be strapped in right?” and he was open to telling us his honest opinion, “Well just to tell you, you guys look insane to me!” We all had a good laugh. IMG_1244 After throwing each side of rope down, we made our way to the start of the route. IMG_1246Bryson took to the face first and it was incredible seeing the waves crash below his ankles as he made his way over the first section. IMG_1249 Kia was so awesome and constantly gave us pointers and encouragement, IMG_1268and the view while climbing was absolutely spectacular! IMG_1259Sara was after Bryson and she was amazing,IMG_1271

IMG_1273then it was my turn to meet the route face to face (pun intended), 

IMG_1287                       and Kia finished his ascent right as the sun changed the grey-brown rocks to a golden-yellow. IMG_1300

IMG_1318This day was so beyond beautiful and I could not be more grateful for this life. I felt as though I was surrounded by the best company, the warmest sun, the greenest ocean, and the freshest air. What more could you ask for really? IMG_1245Today, remember how amazing it is to be! To be alive, to be breathing, to be in the present! Now go do something crazy!



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