Tofino Day Two: SUP, a gorgeous wedding and the golden hour


All bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday morning, we headed to the nearest SUP shop to go on an amazing tour of the Inlet. Brayden is a pro at paddleboarding, where as I was almost willing to bet I would fall in.tof 2 1

All suited up and ready to go, we headed over to the Tofino Botanical Gardens. Tof 2 4 We walked through this magical fairyland until we hit the clear and still-as-glass ocean.Tof 2 3 After a few short instructions, the whole group got on their boards and without any hesitation we were on our way.Tof 2 2 While we were paddleboarding, my dad was able to capture a few sneaky wedding shots of a gorgeous ceremony happening in the gardens.Tof 2 5After our first 30 minutes, the fog burnt off and we were left in gorgeous sunlight. We all stripped our wetsuits halfway off and let our pores soak in the sun’s rays. (And yes… We would pay for our lack of sunscreen).Tof 2 6After two glorious hours, our tour had to come to an end. Little did we know we would be photobombing the bride and groom on our way in. Tof 2 7After paddling away from the photo taking, we did some quick SUP yoga which was hilariously fun and came back to shore full of smiles and silly poses. IMG_0685.JPG

Tof 2 10Is there such a thing as too much fun? I think I’m hooked.IMG_0692.JPGBecause we were already a little damp from the knees down (no one fell in! YAY!), we decided to dunk in the ocean when we got back home, we attempted some skimboarding (which is really not that easy), and then jumped into a warm shower to sooth our chattering teeth. It was so perfect!

My dad and Laurell had the great idea of having dinner on the beach. We teamed up and brought all of our needed supplies, and s’mores were a must!

We watched as children did cartwheels, Tof 2 9gathered around Brayden’s perfectly made bonfire, IMG_0720and watched as the sun sank into the golden hour. IMG_0715Today, try to focus all of your attention on your deepest and wildest dreams. Soon the world around you will start to align perfectly. This, I promise.



  1. Hey Guys! Just stumbled upon this on the web! Congrats and so stoked we got to take you paddling! Hope you are all doing well. Until next time! Catherine and the Tofino Paddle Surf Crew

    • Hey! Thanks for reaching out! We had a blast that day and I can honestly say that you guys got me into paddling! I can’t thank you enough for my new hobby!

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