Tofino Day Three (Part 2): Last Light


As the sun set on our last evening on this glorious island, Bryson and I made our way to the water to admire the golden-blue skies once more. IMG_0857

We took to the perfectly-lit boulders one last time,IMG_0824Bryson did his best Little Mermaid impression,IMG_0851and I tried too…IMG_0853But let’s face it, Disney princess hair really isn’t that achievable.. IMG_0854After our Disney princess impressions, Bryson sat down by the edge of the sea. I joined him and in that moment I realized, all that I know, I know because of love.

I am because of love, you are because of love, so what is there to worry about really?

I am so grateful for my blended world-wide-stretching family.

I am so grateful for my incredible partner in life, and I am so grateful for the beautiful surroundings of this Earth that make my soul oh so happy.IMG_0837Today, be your own divine being of light.

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