The Healing Current


Yesterday, Graham, Paul, Bryson, and I went swimming at a lovely creek near by. The weather is set to cool down over the next few days, so we decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous sunshine while it lasts.1

We walked over pebbles and stones to make our way to the perfect spot and piled our things together, before jumping into the goose-pimple-inducing creek.real 2 We watched the children run around with floaties and goggles, 2We made friends with as many puppies as we could,3and the boys built an impressive rock wall to create a pool of water, where fish came and kissed their feet.5One puppy in particular made our day by bringing us sticks, licking us to death and climbing on top of Bryson’s lap for a cuddle. 6If you ever feel as though you are not having a good day, come find flowing water. Close your eyes, sink your feet into the cold pebbly earth and connect with all of your negative thoughts. Imagine these thoughts flowing out through the soles of your feet, and slipping away into the current. Then, replace these empty thoughts with ones of gratitude. Today I am grateful for warm rocks, cold water, sweet puppies, my amazing, kind, and patient love, and my friends that throw grapes at me to make me feel better (it works!). If none of my previous advice is suitable for you, go find a puppy with a stick. I promise they will brighten your day!


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