Submitting to the season


Our sunny weather is growing dim here on the West Coast, but we refuse to let the month of August trickle through our fingers. 11

Although dense cloudy skies were overhead, we packed our towels and sandals, and headed back to the creek for the day. 22The numbing chill of the current only allowed us waist deep so instead of swimming, we skipped stones, picked blackberries and watched as fish kissed our feet.33The sun peaked out for a few moments and we did our best to absorb her heat.44All bundled up and ready to go, we realized we didn’t really have many pictures of each other. Bryson posed,55Then Paul,66I joined in too,77and a little scruffy pup called Dexter did his best to show us his good side.88Today, go somewhere familiar and listen to the silence of your surroundings. Connect with the earth beneath your feet and know that wherever you are, you are HERE… right now. Connecting in the present moment. And this, I promise you, is the easiest way to recognize the beauty of being.


Let's connect!

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