Still Glowing


October 8th

The promise of autumn is in our early yellow setting sun.

It is in the morning tug-of-war of blankets, the dew, and roof frosts.

We feel the chill of the Pacific air suddenly permeating our sweaters and we look at each other and smile, knowing that this is autumn.

Taking time away from the everyday is so important. Don’t you think?

Every autumn, Bryson and I do our best to get away for a number of days. To break away from routine with small trips here and there, to focus on spending our time well.

These five days were a special time. Many plans came together, and Bryson and I found ourselves on a beach, on the open ocean, where family gathered from all corners of Canada.

This time away, was for new experiences:

For healing my broken ankle with a hike to a 1945 crashed bomber plane.

For waking up at 5am to be on the local radio with my dad.

For taking care of our three little nieces who we love so dearly.

For savouring every sunset and starry night sky.

For getting really muddy and then drying up by the fire.

For flushed cheeks, still glowing from the cold westward winds of those five days.

When you go away on holidays you always have expectations. But sometimes, the reality of it all turns out to be so much better.

Oh how I love this time of year!

A few days of work, and then off again to submerge ourselves in puppies, sage, and ponderosa pines!

Talk to you soon!

  May you be loved 


  1. I always feel like adventures are so much more fun when we are away from home!

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