Spend your days well


I am incredibly fortunate in this life of mine. Lately I’ve felt that my days are more full than usual. Full of work, family, friends, exploration, road-trips, adventure-seeking…and I’m loving every moment.

This past weekend was dedicated to family. Dedicated to exploring new lands. Dedicated to finding that true mindfulness that resides in me.

My friends, it is times like this that remind us what we need to feel like ourselves again.

The beauty of being surrounded by people who really understand you heart

The warmth of a dreaming cat at your chest as you rest your eyes

The sweet wake-up call of a child’s whisper “Auntie Chloe it’s wake-up time”

The ghostly call of a loon echoing across the panorama of absolute silence

Today, sit down and take a moment to really think about the wondrous long path that has brought you to now. Understand that even in your moments of doubt, you have experienced so much more beauty in this life than you may think you have. That you have changed and impacted so many more lives than you even know. That you, are so much braver than you think you are.

May you be loved forever and always

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