Oh deer

A few weeks ago, Bryson and I took a day trip to Nara.

The highlights of our day included:

Feeding deer.

Standing in awe of the stunning Tōdai-ji Temple and the Daibutsu.

Making friends with a stray cat that I really wanted to take home.

Stumbling across a wedding photoshoot.

Hiking for hours through the green landscape.

Watching the Kasuga-taisha lanterns as they swayed in the warm breeze.

Noticing that the deer had ticks on them, and then avoiding them for the rest of the day… 

Here in Japan, our days have felt full. They have felt fast-paced and fleeting, but I have been doing my best to take in at least one moment of stillness from every day.  From our trip to Nara, my favourite moments included, watching Bryson’s face in the sunlight that peaked through the wooden beams of Tōdai-ji Temple, sitting and sketching at a little hidden shrine in the middle of the forest, and watching as the deer walked along the temple paths and through the green grass in the park.

This post is a little delayed as Bryson and I have been working here in Japan over the past month, and we are still adjusting to our new schedules. Our days off are spent exploring the Osaka city on our bikes, taking trains to all different corners of the Kansai region, and we have recently joined a local bouldering gym as well. We are feeling a bit more settled in here now, and I must say that we are loving everything that this amazing country has to offer.

I promise to do a more in-depth video describing our experiences with culture shock very soon.

I promise to do my best to post more often on this platform!

and I promise that if you ever just face your fears and move to a new country for a year, you won’t regret it!


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