Finding Sunlight

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It’s beginning to be that time of year on the West Coast where there is an in between.
Not wet, but certainly not dry; it’s that kind of dampness that just sets in and embraces the Lower Mainland.
This morning I woke up inside a marshmallow.
Fog horns sounding from the inlet, birds singing their cold songs, still silver droplets hanging in mid air, oh how the weather men were wrong.

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Yesterday we were promised sun so I decided to go find it.

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I am so grateful to live just beneath the mountains. It took no time to drive up the twisty roads, through the fog, to the trail.
As soon as the hiking trail came into view, I knew that I had found the promised sunshine.

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Isn’t it amazing how cold air and sunshine feels so peaceful?

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I’m so aware of my every breath,

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So thankful to have all of this practically at my doorstep,

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So very grateful to be here, in this moment.

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