Every car should be a convertible (ok maybe just for the summer)


Yesterday I had absolutely nothing planned. I stripped my bed, washed the sheets and hung them out to dry. I started drawing, then pacing, then twiddling my thumbs and decided to text my friend Graham to see if he was up to anything. Luckily he was in a similar situation and immediately said he would come pick me up in the one and only Acadian! Woop woop! It has been a while since this gorgeous boat was on the road and I couldn’t wait to take a ride!IMG_9561.jpg

We stopped for (absolutely necessary) smoothies and then headed up to a lovely local lake. The winding road up to this lake is so incredibly gorgeous! Trees on trees and mountaintops, we had to stop and admire the view. IMG_9562.jpgWe decided to walk around the whole lake and take in every minute of it. We shared new and old stories, saw people swimming and fishing, tadpoles and salamanders making their way through the thin murky waters, loads of robins and jumping fish and felt incredibly lucky to have this little paradise so close to home. We told ourselves that next time we would come prepared with friends, drinks, food and bathing suits. IMG_9569.jpgWe also spotted this father and son acrobatic fishing pair! They were an absolute beacon of light in the lake. Such a lovely moment! IMG_9573.jpg

IMG_9581.jpgAfter finding our way back to the Acadian through the never ending labyrinth of trails, we stopped back at my place to feed my cats and off we went to pick up a few more friends for the evening. We also discovered that my neighbours have chickens! How cute!IMG_9589.jpgWe stopped at our friend Paul’s house and admired his mug succulent collection which I think is the greatest idea!IMG_9598.jpgBecause it was July 11th (7/11) it was crucial that we stop by our local 7-11 for free slurpee day! SCORE! IMG_9602.jpgSushi was the next order of business, and on our way down to the restaurant, we decided that afterwards we would walk a few blocks more to the night market happening down the street. IMG_9607.jpg We ran into a few old friends,IMG_9613.jpg made some new ones along the way, IMG_9612.jpg enjoyed the sunset, IMG_9616.jpgfollowed the great live music, IMG_9619.jpgdrooled over all the amazing food, IMG_9621.jpg and ultimately enjoyed the view. IMG_9625.jpgToday, trust that life will always, always take you where you need to be. Today, may you find peace in every unexpected moment. May you be grateful for where you stand and the people you have around you. May you be loved and do all things with love. And may you be profoundly, profoundly happy.


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