Buying local, a lovely dinner for two, and a climbing date with my love


Yesterday, I discovered a lovely little organic farmers market about a 10 minute walk away from home. It was full from floor to ceiling with delicious sweets, natural beauty products, fresh organic produce, and bulk rices and oats. IMG_9443.jpg

Although I wasn’t planning on it, I came home with my purse full of carrots and natural beauty products, and my hands full of half a dozen poppyseed bagels from the deliciously smelling warm bread bakery across the street!IMG_9449.jpgAlong with the carrots and bagels, I bought an all natural deodorant that smells like bergamot and lime. You’re supposed to use it by scooping a little bit onto your fingertips, rubbing it around to soften it up and then wiping it on your underarms. I’ve used quite a few natural deodorants and this one really seems to work. It smells so fresh and lovely and I highly recommend it!IMG_9457.jpgI don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for anything with a moon on it. When I saw the packaging, this little body lotion bar was a bit irresistible. The company is Moon Valley Organics and this bar smells very subtly of vanilla and coconut butter and feels so amazing on my skin. IMG_9461.jpg.jpg I mean come on, how could you resist that face? IMG_9475.jpgLater on in the day I was lucky enough to spot a beautiful hummingbird whizzing around our front garden. Can you see it?IMG_9477.jpgMorgan seemed less than interested though. IMG_9478.jpgMy love then came over in the evening and I decided to make us a roast chicken dinner with roasted veggies including the beautiful rainbow carrots I bought earlier. Look at those gorgeous colours!IMG_9517.jpgAfter dinner, we soaked up a bit of the soon-to-be-setting sun and then headed on our way to our local climbing gym to check out the new walls.IMG_9535.jpgIMG_9543.jpgThank you for this day universe, it was a good one.

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