This cabin has been in my family since I was three weeks old. I find that in moments where I feel my heart longing for wisdom and authenticity, I am able to withdraw myself from my everyday to come here.

Here I learn once again how it feels to honour myself for being. Being here.

No power, no propane, no cars, no running water, no cellphone service, no internet, no radio.

Here, I allow my thoughts to dissipate.

I am able to feel the palms of my hands tingle.

I can feel my beating heart in my chest and head…lub-dub lub-dub.

I can feel my belly rise and lower with every breath.

I can feel what it feels like to be being.


Like everything that surrounds us.

Here, I am true.

Take time to find the deepest wisdom and authenticity that lies within your being. Your big pink heart will thank you for the moments of beauty and the brave act of kindness you are doing for yourself.

Honour yourself… This is your sign.



  1. Stumbled upon your site and your photographs are amazing. You have a terrific eye, keep it up.

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