Beet That! (DIY organic homemade makeup)


I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer. Sometimes on special nights out, I will put on a bit of lipstick and blush (Maaaaayybe a bit of eyeshadow and mascara if I feel like it) but I rarely wear it otherwise because I have no idea what is in those products and it really freaks me out to think that my skin is absorbing some potentially harmful chemicals. I’ve used natural soap and shampoo/conditioner for years now and I know there are a lot of other natural beauty products out there, (which I will hope to be able to afford in the near future), but for now, I’ve decided to make my own makeup at home. Today I made lip and cheek stain out of an organic beet root, organic coconut oil, and some dried peppermint leaves. (I now know it is probably a better idea to use a peppermint essential oil instead) IMG_9965.jpgIf you’d like to make this yourself please follow along.

What you will need is: a cutting board and knife, a strainer, and a (in my case) makeshift double boiler out of a pot and metal bowl.IMG_9967.jpgIt is also important to have a juicer or blender for this little recipe. Today, I used my grandma’s juicer from god knows when but hey! It is still working just fine! IMG_9994.jpgOk here we go!

Step 1: Fill your pot about 1/4 full of water.IMG_9972.jpgStep 2: While your water is on the stove to boil, cut up about 1/4 of your beet. IMG_9971.jpgStep 3: Scoop a tablespoon of coconut oil into your make-shift double boiler. IMG_9974.jpgStep 4: Juice your pieces of beet and pour the juice in with the coconut oil. (It will separate but just stir it together for the time being) IMG_9995.JPG.jpgStep 5: Sprinkle in your peppermint leaves. (Like I said earlier, I would actually switch this up for an essential oil instead) IMG_9981.jpgStep 6: After a few minutes, strain your creation through a strainer into a bowl, and then into a container to store your new homemade organic beauty product! IMG_9999.jpgStep 7: Place your container into the fridge for 20mins. When you take it out, the beet juice and coconut oil will have separated again but I found that it worked just mixing them together again, although it may not look so pretty. When you place a bit of it on your finger, the coconut oil will melt and create a nice texture for your lip/cheek stain. It is best to store this product in the fridge and apparently it can last up to 4 weeks! IMG_0001.jpgI put the stain on just the right side of my face so you can see the difference. It really does work (although fairly subtle with just one application) and feels like I’m not wearing anything which is so nice. Beet that!IMG_0025.jpgI’m not a makeup connoisseur but I really love the idea of wearing something which I made myself and I know to be all natural. On that note, I would love to refer you to my amazing friend Brianna. Her lovely blog is all about cruelty free/natural beauty products and she has great reviews and advice for anyone looking to switch up their makeup for the better! Did I also mention that she is incredibly beautiful inside and out? I guarantee you will fall in love with her too!




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