Autumnal Summer’s Day


These past few July days have felt a little autumnal. This morning my love and I woke to grey skies once again and decided it was best to hunker-down, turn the heat on, and make ourselves two rounds of breakfast. IMG_0040.jpg

IMG_0043.jpgAfter the rain subsided, we took the puppies for a walk through the green, dense, West Coast forest trails. Lizzie, Bryson’s kitten (not actually a kitten but always will be to me), wanted to come too and followed us for blocks and blocks until we realized it was probably not the best idea to have her around other dogs, although she acts like one herself. So reluctantly (on her part…ok our’s too), we took Lizzie back home. IMG_0044.jpg

IMG_0045.jpgOnce we got down to the great green trail, we let both dogs off leash and off they went (Bryson too). IMG_0054.jpgWe sat by the creek for a little while and watched the dogs jump in and out of the ever-flowing water,IMG_0061.JPG.jpg Sonjya was just a little to excited about the whole experience to sit still,IMG_0065.jpg and before we knew it, the trail was over and back home we came. IMG_0076.jpgAlthough I feel so lucky to be able to experience varying temperatures throughout these West Coast summer days, this afternoon, it felt so nice to have the sun break through the clouds for a quick hello. IMG_0093.jpg

IMG_0095.jpg I think Morgan did her best to soak it all in. IMG_0091.jpgToday, practice being really really happy in every moment. It is an incredibly beautiful day!


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