A Restful Sunday


Sundays are for rest and for admiring the bees,IMG_9670.jpg.jpg

for picking the first green beans from the garden,IMG_9641.jpg.jpgfor cutting up and refrigerating a huge watermelon before the fruit flies get at it, IMG_9663.jpg.jpgfor picking the sweet peas from the garden (The more you pick them the more they grow!),IMG_9639.jpg.jpgfor scavenging around the kitchen and garden for the perfect summer smoothie ingredients,IMG_9676.jpg.jpgand for wandering over to the organic market for some delicious garlic hummus, tortilla chips and coconut chocolate. IMG_9686.jpg.jpgSundays are important. They make for a clearer mind, a chance to embrace where you are in the moment and a time to look back on your past few days and say thank you!

Rest up my friends, this week is going to be beautiful!

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