A day for homemade kale chips and harvesting lavender


I’ve always thought that the most beautiful garden would be one of lavender and white roses. Lucky for me, this year our lavender has gone gangbusters!!!IMG_9749.jpg

I wait as long as I can every year to make sure our lavender has bloomed to their little heart’s content and then clip them all down to dry and use them for crafts in the winter.IMG_9755.jpgToday, other than harvesting the lavender, I had no plans so I decided to keep myself busy by making a bunch of kale chips. I bought some delicious local kale a few days ago so it was about time I used it. I washed the leaves,IMG_9754.jpgcut the ribs out of each leaf (because I find them bitter), ripped the rest of the leaf into small sections, IMG_9762.jpgdrizzled them with a bit of olive oil, then dabbed them off in a paper towel to remove any excess oil, and then put them on a baking sheet and sprinkled a bit of Himalayan sea salt to taste. IMG_9763.jpgI usually put them in the oven at about 300 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes and then put them in a jar for safe keeping.  IMG_9771.jpgOh what beautiful weather we are having! Today, I ate my kale outside. IMG_9766.jpgxo


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