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I want to spend each moment by the ocean these days. Unfortunately for me, it’s been cold here in Vancouver and spending time by the ocean requires a few layers.
About a month ago, my mom and grandma decided they wanted to spend a week in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. I got to visit Mexico for the first time when I was 15 and my lungs fell in love with the luxurious tropical air.

I knew I had to make an effort to join them.

There were only a couple problems… My passport had expired a few years ago and I was right smack in the middle of my last full semester of university.

Once I got the OK from all my (awesome, very cool, I love you if you’re reading this) professors, I drove down to the passport office like a maniac and signed up for a ten year passport. How weird is that? I’ll be 32 when I need to renew it.

Happily, my passport arrived in time and we were off. Our flight was at 6am and although I only got about 1 hour of sleep, I was bursting with energy! I couldn’t wait to dip my toes in the ocean and pile beach glass and shells in my pockets till they overflowed.


Once we got to the hotel and got into the swing of things, we developed a bit of a routine to our stay. We would wake up,


go to the pool and put our stuff on a bed by the ocean, go eat our breakfasts, try the yoga classes, laugh our way through the water aerobics sessions,


do arts and crafts with the lovely Fernando,



eat lunch,


try our best to play beach volleyball, and spend the afternoon walking along the Malecon to pose with statues and find little bits and bobs to bring back home for loved ones.


The sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are absolutely magical! The Malecon is a very busy area full of locals, tourists and animals but once the sun starts setting, everybody stops to appreciate and take in the moment of the warm orange sun spreading itself across the ocean’s edge.


During our stay we met the beautiful Macaws who lived at the hotel next to us. Although they made tonnes of squeaks and squawks very early in the morning, I couldn’t help but fall in love with their cheeky personalities.


And on our last day we tried our best to soak in every moment.





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I still can’t believe how quickly our week in Mexico trickled through my fingers. My oh my, what a beautiful world we live in.


Have a lovely day everybody! I will too.

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