Our First Week


I chose the word “Grow” as my word for 2016.

In the early hours of March 17th at the airport, during the biggest moment of panic I have ever experienced, I remembered this word. I remembered this word as Bryson held my hands and said “We’ve got this!”, as my mom texted me saying “Chloe you’ll be ok! You’ve travelled so much already. I love you.”, as my friends sent me messages of encouragement, I remembered to grow. To not stay stagnant in the comfort zone of my day to day  life, but to just give way for the new, the scary, and the unknown.

And after taking a few very deep breaths, there we were, walking onto the biggest plane I have ever seen.

For the next 36 hours, we would be taking planes, trains, and automobiles, standing in lines, signing contracts, dropping bags, reading maps, until finally, we would arrive to our new tiny home. Our 33 square metre apartment in the heart of Osaka, Japan.

And here we will stay for the next 9 months or so.

During our first week, we completed our paperwork, fiddled with our tricky mailbox, and explored some of the amazing sights our new city has to offer. We also made new friends, ate the most delicious food I have EVER had, and woke up at sunrise to watch sumo wrestling until sunset.

We feel so incredibly grateful for this amazing adventure we are having already and it is only week one!

I have started something new which I would like to try, which is to post videos of our stay in Japan. At the end of this post, you will find a embedded URL of my first video of our stay. It is a little rough but I know the footage will only get better as I become more accustomed to filming rather than just photographing.

Week 1 down, and many more to come!




  1. Hey! I love it all Clover. Especially loved seeing you in a couple of those shots. I’m so glad it’s so beautiful there and children run around parks and dance in the open. Also loved the video. Well done you. <3

  2. Hi kids, thanks for sharing your adventure with your friends (and your parents friends). Make many, many memories and keep allowing us to peak in and vicariously be there with you. Sienara, Bryson’s mom’s friend Sue Marlo

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for showing us what you see so we can all live vicariously through you. It looks like you packed a ukulele. I’d love to hear you playing the background music some time. xoxoxoxo

    • Yes! I packed the uke! I will definitely play it sometime. Unfortunately part of our contract stated that we are not allowed to play musical instruments in the apartment so… I’ll have to be sneaky. Miss you! xo

  4. You have a beautiful way of looking at life both in photographs and video. I enjoyed your post very much! Looks like it was a busy week! I wish you a wonderful stay filled with joy and wonder.

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