My Beetlejuice Sanctuary


It has always been important for me to decorate my environment in a way that helps me manifest a positive day. Waking up surrounded by inspirational objects that radiate positive energy, help me to start my day in a positive light.

Lately, I’ve been giving myself a few minutes every morning to simply allow my mind to wander and process my day from morning till night. If I find myself at all anxious about a task ahead, instead of thinking about the worst outcome (which a lot of us automatically do), I have been practicing thinking about the best possible outcome instead. By doing this, I feel as though I am allowing my day to become so much brighter!

Another thing I suggest, although some may find silly, is to get up and sing and dance first thing! I feel like this just ignites an immediate light in one’s soul. Just own the silliness and realize that beginning a day with positive activities can truly result in rewarding experiences, which then leads to incredible empowerment.

This morning I chose to start my day with a little Beetlejuice.

Sleep well my friends, and let your morning be one of beginning new and sunshine-filled experiences!



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