Moments from Sunday


Yesterday, we had a beautiful day planned. I started the morning by slicing open this tiny watermelon to take as an afternoon snack. IMG_0142.jpg

Bryson and I visited his grandfather and sat by his grave. There, Bryson shared stories from when he mowed his grandfather’s lawn and told me of pictures from when his grandfather was our age. It was a beautiful moment as the gorgeous sunshine poured onto the beautiful green green grass that surrounded us all. IMG_0145.jpg

IMG_0151.jpg We then headed to the lake for an afternoon swim with our lovely friends. IMG_0155.jpgWe found a few tadpoles, Bryson spotted a huge salamander, Graham made friends with a little shrew, and we were all unfortunately chased by horse flies every once in a while, especially Liam for some reason. IMG_0160.jpg After our swim, we admired the view and said our goodbyes as we headed back home.IMG_0174.jpg

IMG_0190.jpgI feel like everyone should take moments throughout their day to close their eyes, breathe deeply and appreciate how lucky we are to be living on this beautiful planet. This life is such a privilege. Every day is a day worth remembering.



  1. You said it, sister. I couldn’t agree more!
    What a special day you had. Glad you could document it both in words and in pictures. Yay!!

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