Puerto Vallarta Days 1 and 2 Through My GoPro

This little one has my heart


So you see I’ve treated myself… I bought myself a GoPro and well, I’m pretty darn excited about it. I decided to buy it just before heading off on a little week long family vacation to Mexico. We arrived on Sunday and it has only been a few days of me getting used to the wide angle lens and lose-ability of such a small piece of tech. Believe me when I say my fingers are getting in about every second shot I take but hey, I’m absolutely loving it and I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to afford it.

Since we landed on Sunday, the weather hasn’t been very sunny or warm, but yesterday we got about three hours of late afternoon sunshine between stormy showers. Tomorrow until we leave on Sunday is supposed to be absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to soak up the sunshine.

I’ve decided, instead of writing about my first couple days here in Puerto Vallarta, to show you through photos and a video I have edited. Hopefully this gives you a bit of a feel for this tropical paradise.

I apologize in advance for the shaky camera work, and choppy shots, but like I said, I’m just only learning.

More to come!

Much love from me to you.



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