A beautiful Caribbean day with old friends


It has been a long time since I’ve seen three girls. Today, Camille, Karima, Meghan and I all headed down to the Caribbean festival which happens once a year in our beautiful city. We walked around the tents, the stages, the games, the food trucks, and ultimately, we were overwhelmed by all the colours, smiles, and amazing music. Meghan and I hadn’t seen each other for years and when I was a little girl, we had sleepovers all the time. Every time we slept at her house, her mom would climb up the ladder to the loft beds we were sleeping on, massage our backs and say this lovely poem:IMG_0113.jpg

 The sun has gone down, the friendly dark has come, and it is time to sleep.IMG_0117.jpg Let me think over all I have done,IMG_0119.jpg Good deeds to do again,IMG_0121.jpg Bad deeds to forgo and forget. IMG_0130.jpgAnd now I shall sleep, and grow while I sleep,IMG_0127.jpg And tomorrow, I shall be happy.

Today, I am grateful for vivid colours, big bright beautiful smiles, and for the best of friends, who, no matter how long it has been, will always always make you feel like a kid again.


  1. Okay Clover, I won’t be mad at you for making me cry!!!! Love you and your blogs AND our meaningful history together!!!! Always!! Xo

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